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The Full Story

In the eighth grade auditorium I watched as planes crashed into the World Trade Centers. Over the next five years from my home at 4th and Pittsburgh I watched as countless names appeared on the TV screen of soldiers who gave their lives to defend our great country. I knew I wanted to join the effort to spread hope and liberty across the world and defeat terrorism. I left for basic training at age 19 and deployed to Baghdad, landing at the cross sabers in Baghdad, Iraq two hours into my 21st birthday. 

After leaving the Army, I followed a new path and went to the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center where constitutional law piqued my interest in a legal career. I spent over two years as a patrol officer before moving on to help build a successful insurance agency. At the same time I recognized a need within the insurance industry and conceptualized, fundraised and built a software platform to help agents connect virtually with clients while maintaining their personal touch. 

After selling the software company I was finally able to realize my dream of attending law school. I graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Business Management and Leadership and I moved back home to Tulsa to attend the University of Tulsa College of Law where I graduated with a Juris Doctorate.


As a former police officer and small business owner there are several issues that are important to me and I will fight for on the city council:

1. Transparent government. The residents of Tulsa and across the U.S. deserve to have a representative who is committed to ensuring the public has full acccess to the conversations that lead to the decisions that affect them on a daily basis.

2. The city needs a strong, vibrant and committed police force. Police and other first responders are Tulsa's backbone and deserve the utmost respect of the community. This means allowing police officers to do the job they are tasked with and NOT having untrained civilians dictate their course of action in any given situation. I would love to see a mobile police tactical simulator available to educate the public and show them first hand the split-second, life or death decisions our brave officers must make regularly. 

3. Tulsa must be a city committed to its small businesses. This means reducing the burden on the hard-working business owners who provide the products and services Tulsa residents depend on. We should strive to attract entrepreneurs to our city and burdensome regulations create disincentive for these folks to serve the community effectively.

4. Reducing the tax burden on the citizens of Tulsa. Every citizen works hard for their money so if the city wants to raise additional funds through taxation, they must have an exceptionally persuasive rationale for taking those hard earned dollars from Tulsa residents. Any justification should be widely supported by the residents of the city.  

These are the top four issues I will be concerned with as a city councilor, though there are many others. However, as a representative of the people of Tulsa, what's most important to me is what's important to YOU and I encourage any resident to contact me at 999.999.9999 to discuss your priorities. If elected, I will be available at that number for texts and, when possible, phone calls. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and I look forward to serving you!

Adam G Miller


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